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The timeless stone streets and Georgian architecture of Charleston, South Caroline draws visitors from all corners of the globe. On this specific afternoon, our travels took us slightly outside the Charleston city limits, through arches of Spanish moss and historic buildings before arriving at the iconic Middleton Place.

Middleton Place

Augusta & Grantland


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Both the wind and cold temperatures were a distant memory. Blake stood, with his back to the door, finally coming to the realization that he was about to see his best friend for the first time that day. His heart skipped a beat as he heard the door slowly open and the soft sound of […]

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We all have somewhere we love to go to simply “get away from it all”. Sometimes it’s a special coffee shop, a secluded park in town, or a secret nook in our own home. Although none of us are sure why that specific spot is so special to us, we all know the peace that […]

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They both grasped each other’s hands tightly as they began to descend the stony cliff. Waves crashing against the rocks made the entire scene feel as though Andi and Tommy had stepped out of Southwest Michigan and into a romantic novel. Instead of picking a random beach just for the sake of the scenery, Andi […]

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The sun had fallen behind the buildings, and all that remained was a soft glow lighting the Cincinnati skyline. As they walked along the Ohio river, Haley and Logan reminisced on how they often spent time running the very path we stood on, making the location even more special than we had originally thought. The […]

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Every time we meet a new couple or wedding planner on Zoom for the first wedding inquiry call, we always finish the meeting by asking “What questions do you have for us?” Truth is, we love questions. They allow curiosity and concerns to be voiced while bringing security and relief as they are answered. Each […]

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How someone reacts when plans fall through can tell you a lot about them. Some people can throw up their hands in defeat, while other allow their emotions to get the better of them with frustration or anger. If you find out that your plans for your engagement shoot are foiled not only once, but […]


Andrea had the talent, Josh had the dream, and once we started photographing weddings together, we’ve never looked back! We’ve personally experienced the beauty, joy, and growth marriage can bring, and we cannot wait to meet you and be your own personal cheerleaders from the proposal all the way through to your own wedding day.

soulmates and wedding photographers

Josh + Andrea


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