Best Questions for Potential Photographers

November 1, 2023

Every time we meet a new couple or wedding planner on Zoom for the first wedding inquiry call, we always finish the meeting by asking “What questions do you have for us?”

Truth is, we love questions. They allow curiosity and concerns to be voiced while bringing security and relief as they are answered. Each question our couples bring adds something “unique” to the normal routine of a video call, and we appreciate seeing which questions are important to our brides and grooms. So much so, that we’ve decided to take a few paragraphs to share some of the most popular questions we’ve received as we help inquiring couples and planners plan their wedding and decide their photographer!

“How are our portraits protected?”

This is one of the most important questions we are asked. Whether you are a J + A Bride and Groom or not, this is a question you should always be asking a potential photographer. If you will allow us to get technical for a moment…we believe in “backups upon backups.” Technology is great…as long as it works, which means that while we invest in the best gear possible, we also do not want anything to happen to a digital device which in turn loses those memories that you have made.

Dual card slots enable our cameras to save each photo we take to not one, but two memory cards at the same time. As we begin our drive home, we immediately begin backing up our memory cards to a hard drive, which in turn is copied to yet another hard drive. Again, we believe you deserve multiple copies of your photos in multiple locations and devices.  So much so that once we have uploaded your full portrait suite to your online gallery, we still keep hard copies on duplicate drives in a private location. Although it seems like overkill, we believe that your memories are worth protecting!

“Do you travel?”

While we do not travel for family photography these days, we eagerly look forward to the opportunity of traveling for weddings and engagement sessions! Past weddings and engagement shoots have taken us to Charleston, Chicago, Washington DC, Annapolis, and Georgia, just to name a few.

Engagement shoots in particular seem to slip the mind when considering travel as an option for your portraits. Many of our couples have a city or area that is either a yearly destination or simply filled with memories from when they had just started dating. Instead of having their portraits taken in a place that may look beautiful but not have any major significance to them, they are overjoyed to learn that because we travel, they can have the best of both: beautiful portraits in locations that mean the world to them.

“How long have you all been doing photography?”

Although our official business began in January 2019, Andrea was already taking pictures of friends and families for years prior. However, the idea of the official business started with Josh coming to Andrea and pitching the idea of starting a “husband and wife” photography team. This current stage of life found both of us having other full-time jobs, so we knew that this would only ever be a “side hustle,” something to make a few extra dollars on the side for a fun date every once in a while.

Surprisingly, what started as a dream quickly became our full time job that has now taken us to 70+ weddings, enabled us to visit iconic locations around the United States, and allowed us to do what we love!

What happens if one of you gets sick?”

After 2020, this question came to the forefront of every Zoom call. As you plan for your day, you want to make sure that your photographers are going to show up and not “ghost” you due to sickness. With that said, we have personally taken multiple precautions to make sure your day is covered:

– One of the greatest advantages of having a husband and wife team is that there is always two of us! The odds of us both being sick to the point of not being able to attend is just not likely. Additionally, out of the 70+ weddings we have done, it has always been the two of us and we have never missed one.

– We strongly believe in community over competition. Our goal has always been to develop strong friendships in our surrounding area with several photographers that not only believe in the same values we do, but also lean towards the same beautiful style we look for in our portraiture. We know that at a moment’s notice, we could call for help, and they would do the same with us.

How do the payments work for my wedding photography?”

Helping you manage your wedding costs in a wise and simple way is the driving force behind our payment structure. As per the industry standard, our payment plans are always broken up into two segments. A 25% retainer is required upon signing the contract, which solidifies your date on our wedding calendar. Many of our couples will ask if this 25% retainer is refundable in case of cancellations, etc. Due to the fact that once you book with us, we will then be saying “No” to other couples who inquire for that same date, the retainer is non-refundable. This is a safeguard for photographers who rely on their photography as their main source of income to ensure some security as they plan their own finances for the year.

As we approach the month of your wedding, the remaining 75% will become due. Instead of asking for the final payment on the week or day of your wedding, we would rather complete this part of your payments far in advance, allowing you to check off yet another item on your lengthy “wedding to-do” list.

Five questions to help. Five questions to make you and your planner’s life easier. But there are so many more that you could ask as well! Although each of these questions can bring a wealth of information,  sitting down with your fiancé and discussing what things are important to you both for your portraits will be the crucial final step in preparing for your meetings with potential photographers.

All our best to you as you plan your day and your vendor team for your wedding!

J + A


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