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Every time we meet a new couple or wedding planner on Zoom for the first wedding inquiry call, we always finish the meeting by asking “What questions do you have for us?” Truth is, we love questions. They allow curiosity and concerns to be voiced while bringing security and relief as they are answered. Each […]

Best Questions for Potential Photographers

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The ones who practically live behind the camera slowly strolled out onto the steps. They knew that the flight taking them home was departing that evening, so their adventure in Washington DC was coming to an end. Thankfully, this dream of theirs would be something they would get to take home with them: a unique […]

Josh and Andrea | Washington, D.C.| Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial

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The sunlight was just starting to dip below the first mountain range, casting an incredible array of colors across the desert expanse. We looked at each other for probably the 200th time and simply said, “Can you believe this is happening?” Our rental car’s A/C was the only thing keeping us cool, especially since we […]

J&A Milestone | Anniversary Session | Amy and Jordan Demos | Phoenix, AZ

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