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Both the wind and cold temperatures were a distant memory. Blake stood, with his back to the door, finally coming to the realization that he was about to see his best friend for the first time that day. His heart skipped a beat as he heard the door slowly open and the soft sound of […]

Ashlin + Blake | Sleek, Industrial Wedding | New Vintage Place | Grand Rapids, MI

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The crowd inside continued to be dazzled by the beauty and grandeur of the inner banquet hall. The food, the drinks, everything had been perfectly executed; and the evening had only just begun! However, while the hustle and bustle of the reception was in full swing, a sweet, quiet moment was happening mere yards away […]

Mackenzie + Connor | Distinguished White Barn Wedding | Etre Farms | St. Joseph, MI

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  Is it possible to truly have the “best of both worlds?” Although some believe it might be impossible, for one brief moment, David truly had the best of both worlds as he stood on the stage inside of a tiny chapel, seeing his bride walking towards him. Sarah stepped forward into the sanctuary, finally […]

Sarah + David | Summer, Chapel Wedding | The Morris Estate | Niles, MI

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Delight is an emotion that is simply impossible to fake. Smiles can be forced, and laughter can be coerced, but true delight is so naturally beautiful and joyful that it cannot be missed. But when two people are defined by the delight they share in each other, that is truly special couple. “Delight” is the […]

Zarra + Dave | Timeless, Cathedral Wedding | Saint John’s Resort | Plymouth, MI

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Their quiet stroll through the garden was the first “peaceful” moment of the day they could share together. The hustle and bustle of the day had finally subsided as Riley and Peter were able to spend a few moments together in the gardens not too far from where they had just become husband and wife. […]

Riley + Peter | Vibrant Wedding | Kellogg Conference Center | Lansing, MI

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The end of the day was quickly approaching, but there was still so much to squeeze into the last few hours of the evening. As if on cue, the lights lowered and before they knew it, the whole dance floor was bathed a soft light. For just a few moments, it was as if they […]

Lydia + John | Timeless, Urban Wedding | The Ballroom at McKay | Grand Rapids, MI

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The guests slowly began to arrive, filling the venue with laughter and greetings of friends and family alike. Staff members finished their final touches for both the ceremony and reception spaces as the time for Taylor and Matt’s wedding grew closer. But while the hustle and bustle was near to reaching a fever pitch, a […]

Taylor + Matthew | Elegant, Mansion Wedding | Venue3Two | Grand Rapids, MI

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The crowd continued to line up along the pathway, banners in hand. They had just witnessed a beautiful ceremony, and now, as if to officially begin the celebration, Megan and Nathan’s guests prepared themselves to raise their voices in cheering on the newlyweds. Before the crowd knew it, Megan and Nathan burst out of the […]

Megan + Nathan | Joyful, Summer Wedding | Watermark Country Club | Grand Rapids, MI

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As their guests danced their hearts out, Taylor and Jerrad were surprisingly nowhere to be seen. Although this part of the evening is often reserved for brides and grooms to dance and party with their friends and family, the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Grinstead had sneaked away for a few moments for a very […]

Taylor + Jerrad | White Barn Wedding | Etre Farms | St. Joseph, MI

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As Ian stood up from the head table, Ally and Ian both glanced out over the grand hall of Black River Barn, filled with the people who had characterized their lives. Friends and family looked back at the newlyweds, wondering what the couple was going to say as the evening festivities were about to begin. […]

Ally + Ian | Summer Wedding | Black River Barn | South Haven, MI

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