Meridon + Brandon | Cozy, Farm Wedding | Old Indian Creek Farm | Olivet, MI

February 28, 2024

The laughter and cheers had finally died down, and as her dad took her in his arms, her mind drifted back to what he had said earlier in the day: “I’m so excited that I finally get to dance with my little girl.” The music played as Meridon thoughtfully took in this moment, and as the song came to an end, she slowly turned and looked at her new husband. They both knew what came next, and although difficult, it could not have been a more appropriate time to honor Brandon’s mom with one last dance in her honor. As the two of them slowly swayed to the music, the whole world seemed to fade away as they spent the next few moments of the song simply holding each other in their arms.

Meridon and Brandon’s day was marked by a special type of thoughtfulness that we find increasingly rare in today’s world. Intentional choices brought order and structure to a day plagued by strong winds and rainy clouds. Thankfully, both friends and family were fully invested in the day as well, and as all the parts came together, the weather seemed to take note and slowly dissipate as they moved towards the ceremony. Housed by the red barn, Meridon and Brandon were finally able to see each other for the first time, and as they held hands and shared their vows, years of friendship culminated as a huge cheer rose from the crowd.

With almost perfect timing, Meridon and Brandon were able to enjoy a portrait time free of rain and wind. Old Indian Creek farm’s campus allowed them to steal away for a few precious moments together during their photos to take in both the events of the day and the realization that they were finally husband and wife. Upon their return, the celebration leapt to life, as the barn was soon filled with delicious aromas and energetic music that would carry the crowd through for the rest of the evening.

Meridon + Brandon, we cannot believe that our zoom call with you two years ago has finally come to fruition as you both are finally husband and wife! Watching you get married was such an appropriate end to our fall weddings, not only did we first connect back in the fall, but we also spent last fall on your engagement shoot as well! Thankfully, this is just the beginning for you two and we could not be more excited for you both as you begin your life together!

All our best!

J + A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.

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