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We all have somewhere we love to go to simply “get away from it all”. Sometimes it’s a special coffee shop, a secluded park in town, or a secret nook in our own home. Although none of us are sure why that specific spot is so special to us, we all know the peace that […]

Taylor + Matt | Engagement Shoot | Detroit, MI

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They both grasped each other’s hands tightly as they began to descend the stony cliff. Waves crashing against the rocks made the entire scene feel as though Andi and Tommy had stepped out of Southwest Michigan and into a romantic novel. Instead of picking a random beach just for the sake of the scenery, Andi […]

Andi + Tommy | Engagement Shoot | St. Joseph, Michigan

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The sun had fallen behind the buildings, and all that remained was a soft glow lighting the Cincinnati skyline. As they walked along the Ohio river, Haley and Logan reminisced on how they often spent time running the very path we stood on, making the location even more special than we had originally thought. The […]

Haley and Logan | Engagement Shoot | Cincinnati, OH

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How someone reacts when plans fall through can tell you a lot about them. Some people can throw up their hands in defeat, while other allow their emotions to get the better of them with frustration or anger. If you find out that your plans for your engagement shoot are foiled not only once, but […]

Erica + Joe | Engagement Shoot | New Buffalo, MI

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The quiet waves slowly lapped over the rocks of the shore near the lake house. Although they had walked out onto the dock so many times before, this evening was particularly special. Olivia and Jeremy had just spent the last couple of hours retracing their steps through their love story by visiting not only downtown […]

Olivia + Jeremy | Engagement Shoot | Kalamazoo, MI

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“Soulmate” is a term we tend to hear a lot in today’s world, especially when it comes to weddings and marriage. But sometimes, the term can become so overused that we lose sight of what it really means. To have someone who is a “mate of your soul” speaks to a connection that goes so […]

Cara + Noah | Engagement Shoot | Warren Dunes State Park | New Buffalo, MI

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The sounds of the cars and the streets seemed like they were miles away. A quiet side street opened up in beautiful sunlight as a lone pair of pedestrians strolled through the empty street. They had walked this area many times before, as their favorite brunch spot in the entire city was just a block […]

Abbey + Caleb | Engagement Shoot | Chicago, IL

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Taking risks can be nerve-racking. Sometimes taking a “leap of faith” feels like it is going to end up as a plummet into failure; but we also know that if it pays off, it could be more valuable than you could possibly imagine. Our couples take a “leap of faith” every time they first inquire […]

Lauren + James | Engagement Shoot | South Haven, MI

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Some tend to let life pass them by. Day in and day out, they go to work, just to turn around and come back home in an endless cycle of mundane days and weeks. But others break the mold. Others look at a boring life and immediately turn around and run as far and as […]

Ellie + Todd | Beach Engagement Shoot | Warren Dunes State Park | New Buffalo, MI

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Sometimes in life, your tank can run dangerously close to empty. As this world heaps problems and worries onto our lives, we easily run the risk of being completely burned out. But then, someone can come along and in just a few hours, completely replenish your spirits and your soul. Finding people like that in […]

Jess + Brian | Holland, MI Engagement | Lake Michigan

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