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The fading sunlight glistened off of the polished rims of their ride for the evening. As the low hum of the engine slowly broke through the silence of the estate grounds, Jenna and Tim followed the empty road through the woods towards their destination; the iconic Ford House. Tim’s sharp black and white ensemble paired […]

Jenna and Tim | Engagement Shoot | The Ford House | Grosse Pointe, Michigan

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The sound of footsteps echoed along the wooden walls. Kevin softly yet confidently led Katy through the rooms as they explored the vast interior of the iconic War Memorial. Although planned for months, it almost felt surreal that this moment had finally come; their engagement shoot, a milestone on their journey towards their wedding day. […]

Katy and Kevin | Engagement Shoot | Grosse Point, Michigan

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The soft, pink petals danced in the breeze as the sun slowly set in the distance. Cold winds and rain that had plagued Michigan for the past month suddenly lifted to reveal an evening of perfection; a literal miracle for an outdoor session in April. As Mackenze and Nolan strolled through the park and towards […]

Mackenze and Nolan | Engagement Shoot | Holland, Michigan

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Coffee grinders filled the air with both the sounds and smells of a well-prepared drink. As the four of us enjoyed the warm embrace of lattes and brewed coffee, plans for their wedding unfolded onto the table as Erin and Brett shared their vision for what would make their wedding day exactly what they wanted. […]

Erin + Brett | Engagement | Grand Rapids, MI

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The streets lights were just beginning to come to life as the city slowly transformed into its nightly form. Although the crowds had slightly cleared, a general hustle and bustle was still present and would continue to be for the next couple of hours. Strolling down the staircase, Angela softly held Will’s hand, both to […]

Angela + Will | Engagement Shoot | Chicago, IL

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A good plan can be the difference between something good and something great. In a world filled with last minute decisions and spur of the moment ideas, a well-designed plan can take “the normal” and turn it into something truly special. After Alexis wrote us weeks before her engagement shoot with her own inspiration for […]

Alexis + Connor | Engagement Shoot | Grand Rapids, MI

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Things are often more than they appear. For example: the city of Chicago. If one were to ask someone to describe the city of Chicago, words like “buildings,” “busy,” and “traffic” would instantly jump to their mind. But what if we were to tell you that on a specific evening in September, our time in […]

Michelle and Kevin | Engagement Shoot | Chicago, IL

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Walking along the narrow path almost forced the two closer together. The sand, which felt hot and harsh in the sun, was cold and refreshing in the shade, and although the hill rose on one side and fell off on the other, Lizzie and Jake walked the path together as if they had walked it […]

Lizzie + Jake | Engagement Shoot | New Buffalo, MI

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We all have somewhere we love to go to simply “get away from it all”. Sometimes it’s a special coffee shop, a secluded park in town, or a secret nook in our own home. Although none of us are sure why that specific spot is so special to us, we all know the peace that […]

Taylor + Matt | Engagement Shoot | Detroit, MI

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They both grasped each other’s hands tightly as they began to descend the stony cliff. Waves crashing against the rocks made the entire scene feel as though Andi and Tommy had stepped out of Southwest Michigan and into a romantic novel. Instead of picking a random beach just for the sake of the scenery, Andi […]

Andi + Tommy | Engagement Shoot | St. Joseph, Michigan

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