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Although we never really think about it, familiarity is such a gift. In a world where we pass hundreds of people a day who we don’t know and probably never will, being able to see someone who we already know is a welcome breath of fresh air. Our hearts leap anytime we hear from a […]

The Schmees Family | Beach Family Photo Session | South Haven, MI

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Getting together in one place as a large family has always been a popular pastime. For many, it’s the only time of the year they are able to see all of their loved ones and simply take some time to rest and reconnect. However, after the events of 2020, the annual family “get-together” seems to […]

Goblirsch Family | Beach Family Photography Session | South Haven, MI

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This life we all get to live to truly amazing. But if we aren’t careful, the things that make our lives beautiful and unique become boring or uninteresting to us. We’d rather look at our neighbor’s lives or our friends in another state, as we scroll on our phones watching everyone live “the dream” except […]

The Anzalone Family | Beach Family Photo Shoot | South Haven, MI

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As the year 2020 came to a close, we started to see a huge uptick in family inquiries for the months of June-August. The reason? We think it’s actually quite simple: families were missing each other. Distances that seemed far now felt completely titanic as families that were used to seeing each other at least […]

The Wahl Family | Family Beach Session | Muskegon, MI

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As the snow blankets the ground around our home, we can’t help but find ourselves thinking back to the summer of 2021. We still think back to our special South Haven beach where sand was warm between our toes and the water was just the perfect temperature for having fun and cooling off. It’s so […]

Dietrich Family | Extended Family Beach Photos | South Haven, MI

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We’ve all been there. You are invited to a party and you have an idea in your head of what it will be like. You show up, excited to hang out and enjoy the evening with your friends; but when you walk in the door, you suddenly realize “I am way underdressed for this.” We’ve […]

Mitchell Family | Family Photo Shoot | South Haven, MI

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We drove down the coast as the sun dipped lower and lower towards the horizon. “This light is going to be PERFECT,” we thought as we pulled into New Buffalo for our next family shoot. Even though Josh has been in Michigan for almost 6 years, he is still learning about all of the towns […]

A Yacht and Beachside Family Photo Shoot | New Buffalo, Michigan

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We couldn’t help it. They all arrived to the photo shoot wearing red, white, and blue. This Saturday is the Fourth of July…and this adorable, amazing family had their outfits ON POINT! Like we said…it’s perfection just couldn’t be helped! Meet the “Stevenson-Extended-Family”! (Yes, we know that’s not all your last names…but since Lindsey did […]

Red, White, & Blue | South Haven, MI | Extended Family Shoot

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