Red, White, & Blue | South Haven, MI | Extended Family Shoot

July 4, 2020

We couldn’t help it. They all arrived to the photo shoot wearing red, white, and blue. This Saturday is the Fourth of July…and this adorable, amazing family had their outfits ON POINT! Like we said…it’s perfection just couldn’t be helped!

Meet the “Stevenson-Extended-Family”! (Yes, we know that’s not all your last names…but since Lindsey did the booking, she officially gave you all her last name…Thanks, Lindsey!!)

It was VACATION week in South Haven for this Indianapolis family. When Lindsey contacted us about capturing their family photos, we could immediately tell that this family was going to be fun! We met them all in the parking lot, learned everyone’s name, and then set out down to the beach for some family photos. What ensued next were lots of laughs, talks of magical Disney photoshoots, playing in the sand, and lots of attempts of parents behind the camera coaxing children to look and smile…and yet we still managed to keep in that one hilarious photo. Don’t worry. You’ll find it;)



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