Paula + Jared | Engagement | Al Sabo Land Preserve

January 17, 2021

Have you ever had that moment where you just knew that something was “right?” When things just fit together so perfectly that the only plausible answer is that it was “meant to be?” Well, if you haven’t, then allow us to introduce you to Paula and Jared; their story might give you a glimpse of what that may feel like!

Back in 2019, Paula’s coworker randomly invited her to a Christmas party. Although Paula never would normally go anywhere alone, she felt like she needed to go that night. And let’s just say that Jared was super thankful that she did! They spent most of the party talking and getting to know each other, and after they parted ways, Jared wasted no time is asking her out for the next Saturday. We still remember meeting them via ZOOM and Paula saying “We just immediately knew, you know? We always hear that it takes a long time to know if someone is ‘The One’ or not, but for us, it was pretty much instantaneous.” And since they got engaged in October, only about 9 months after they first met, we can definitely agree with them!

Once we found out that Paula and Jared were fans of nature and the woods, the obvious option for their engagement shoot was the snow-covered fields of the Al Sabo Land Preserve! Although we normally travel to Al Sabo during the warmer months of the year, we were excited to see our beloved trails and woods that we knew so well softly blanketed in the snow. We quickly realized though that even though the temperatures were near freezing, Paula and Jared looked so comfortable and cozy in front of the camera that we kept forgetting about the snow and ice that surrounded us!

Paula and Jared, we still can’t believe that we have only known you two for the last few months; because frankly, after your engagement session, we felt like we had known you for years! The joy you two have when you around each other is truly contagious and after we left Al Sabo, we were already dreaming about how gorgeous your wedding day is going to be! So, how about we meet up in a a few weeks and get you two married!

– J&A

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