Paige + Jordan | Epic Castle Wedding | Castle Farms | Charlevoix, MI

October 27, 2021

Tears: one of the clearest signs that a moment is full of emotion. Whether joy or sadness, or a mixture of the two, we all tend to feel the weight of a moment when we see someone begin to tear up. Over the past year, we have seen our fair share of tears shed all throughout the wedding day; but for Paige and Jordan, this day stood out from the rest. From even before the first look, tears were flowing as these two families, celebrated Paige and Jordan coming together in a beautiful story of finding love by finding each other!

Although Paige and Jordan were two of our most recent couples for 2021, we still couldn’t help but feel like we had known them for years by the end of the day! Maybe it was the moments Josh got to spend with Jordan as they laughed and joked around while waiting for the First Look, or maybe it was the special moments we got the capture with these two and their third family member, Lily; but whatever the case, we truly felt loved by not only Paige and Jordan, but also their bridal party and their families!

As we pulled up to Paige and Jordan’s gorgeous venue, we could quickly see that Castle Farms truly lives up to its name! From the Reflection Pond to the Queen’s Courtyard, each and every corner of the venue grounds draw you into a world that feels like it just sprang out of a fairytale book. Just when you think that you’ve found all of this venue’s surprises, a short walk upstairs opens up to the stunning King’s Great Hall: the canvas that Paige and Jordan used to create a truly stunning reception, complete with cakes for each table to share and sample from each other!

Paige and Jordan, we think back to your vows and can’t help but be cliché when we agree that “you two were perfectly made for each other.” Marriage is not only about finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, but also about drawing out all of the best qualities in each other! We can so clearly see how each of you make the other stronger, kinder, wiser, and simply better in every possible way! Keep drawing out those awesome qualities in each other and never stop having adventures together! (Like doing major house projects a few days before huge life events! 😉 All our best!

J + A

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