Megan + Josh | Snowy Engagement Shoot | Rochester, Michigan

January 18, 2023

The aroma of hot chocolate slowly rose into the air as Megan’s fiancé, Josh, poured the warm, rich drink into our cups. The cameras had been put back into their bags, and the four of us had just said “goodbye,” when Megan remembered “We brought hot chocolate for everyone!” In that moment, any memory of cold hands or feet vanished as the delicious hot chocolate warmed us up. Although the evening had started with a brisk, cold wind, the weather around the parks of Rochester had finally calmed down, allowing the snow to softly float down, creating the perfect moment in time for Megan and Josh’s engagement shoot.

Megan and Josh were beyond amazing as they trusted us to not only find the perfect locations for their winter engagement shoot around rural Rochester, but also to know how to keep the entire session fun and keep their minds off the cold! Thankfully, we found that Rochester is the perfect town for exploring and scouting, as the picturesque snowfall combined with various parks to create a scene that would rival any Hallmark Christmas movie. From tiny parks and wispy reeds to pristinely powdered paths, we kept forcing ourselves to remember that we couldn’t stay in just one location for the entire session!

Megan and Josh, we can only describe our evening with you two as “perfectly lovely.” There were so many moments where we forgot the cold and became caught up in the evening as we watched you two simply be stunning together. We can now say confidently that your wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful, and it’s all because you two are going to be at the very heart of it! Celebrating with you is going to be a joy, and maybe we’ll even get a chance to drink more hot chocolate together. (As long as Josh is willing to share the recipe!)

See you soon!

J + A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.

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