Maria + Justin | Unique, Downtown Wedding | Chicago Marriott Schaumburg | Schaumburg, IL

August 11, 2022

Each wedding we attend has unique touches that set it apart. From vastly different venues down to the florals on the reception tables, no two weddings are alike; and we have grown to love the anticipation we feel as we show up to a wedding day to see how the bride’s vision of her perfect day has come to life! However, from our first Zoom call with Maria and Justin over a year ago, we knew that this wedding was going to be one of the most unique wedding days we have captured yet.

Maria and Justin, as both of their dads so perfectly put it, are a perfect match for each other. Their attention to detail pairs perfectly with their concern for others, which made the whole day almost feel like it was created to celebrate others just as much as the bride and groom! When we found out that there was not going to be a ceremony, we instantly began thinking of what we could create for Maria and Justin with all of the extra time that lay before us during the planning process! Little did we know that the area around the Chicago Marriott had such a great variety of locations that we were able to stay within half a mile of their venue while still capturing iconic portraits of these two during this “celebration” day.

The suburbs of Chicago boast a vast collection of wedding venues, and the Chicago Marriott in Schaumburg was chosen as the perfect location for Maria and Justin to celebrate their marriage with their family and friends. Since the whole day was primarily a celebration of their wedding, they were able to spend far more time celebrating with family who had come from not only different parts of United States, but all over the world! This change in the “traditional” wedding day timeline meant that Maria and Justin had more time for portraits and more time for partying while still making sure that each and every one of their family members felt loved and appreciated.

Maria and Justin, we feel like we have been on such a grand adventure with you two over the past year. Each time we spent with you in person showed us a little more of who you are as people, and if we are honest, we are sad that for right now, those meetings have come to an end. We know that you two already love doing life together, and we can’t think of a better way to end this season with you other than to encourage you to never lose that love of living life together. There is something so special and rich about going through life with someone else, and when we see you two together, we know your adventures together are just beginning!

All our best!

J + A

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