Mandy + Alex | Vibrant, Spring-time Wedding | Annapolis, Maryland

April 6, 2022

Connections are funny things. At any given moment, you could be impacting anyone by your words and actions, even if you aren’t aware of it. Last summer, we spent the day photographing Anna and Spencer’s wedding near Grand Rapids; and as we left their reception, we knew that the chances of seeing them would probably be slim to none. Little did we know that almost 5 months later, we would be spending the day with Anna’s cousin, Alex, and his gorgeous bride, Mandy, all the way in Annapolis, Maryland!

The beautiful, rich history of Annapolis still paled in comparison to the absolute joy these two radiated the first moment we saw them on their wedding day! Since we were able to make it a few days early, we got a front row seat to just how much these two are loved and supported but their families and friends. And to be honest, it’s so easy to see why people gravitate towards them and their joyful lives. While Alex brings life and fun, Mandy brings thoughtfulness and sincerity; and combined, these two simply reflect a love for each other and a love for God that gave their entire wedding day a special “feeling” that stayed with us the entire day!

As if our job wasn’t easy enough, Mandy and Alex’s entire day was a photographer’s dream, with a venue that was literally right next to the church where they held their ceremony, and only 7 minutes away from the stunning, historic downtown Annapolis! By carving out a little bit of extra time, Mandy and Alex were able to spend precious moments at the perfect time of day in front of the stunning state capitol building of Annapolis and leaving with some of our all-time favorite downtown bridal portraits! We have truly been spoiled on this trip!

Mandy and Alex, our minds drift back to the evening of your rehearsal dinner as your dad’s talked about your lives up until this point. It is so evident that you two have been brought together to do great things and now, we feel so honored to have been brought onboard for the ride! We are so thankful that you have family in Michigan, because we will definitely be seeing you again soon

All our best!

J + A


Mandy + Alex’s Dream Team

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.

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