Lydia + John | Romantic, Harbor Engagement Shoot | South Haven, MI

September 28, 2022

Maybe it’s the romance in the air, or just the first whispers of fall in the air, but South Haven seemed to become a different town as Lydia and John walked beside the coastal town’s streets. It’s so hard to catch an area in “mid-season” in Michigan, since normally it is in the 80s and humid or in the 30s and freezing. However, Lydia and John were able to perfectly land their engagement shoot between summer and fall, and the evening transformed into a night full of light and love!

As the seasons begin to change, the once-bustling downtown of South Haven finally gave way to the more laid back, cozy atmosphere that we’ve come to love in the fall time. Although most of the tourists have traveled home, the boats still moored at the docks transformed the walk down to the beach into a scene that felt like it was straight out of a hallmark movie. Even the beaches, now bare from visitors, had a new ambiance as Lydia and John strolled along the shoreline. And yet, South Haven still paled in comparison to how stunning Lydia and John looked for their engagement shoot!

Lydia and John, maybe it’s the fact that we spent so much of your session laughing and having fun, or maybe it’s just the fact that we ran into each other again at the same restaurant after the shoot, but regardless, we simply can’t wait for your wedding day! Between the stories of how the little details for your outfits had special meaning, to learning about your dreams for the future, this whole evening was such an exciting teaser for your wedding day, and we are already looking forward to seeing you both again in 2023!

All our best!

J + A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.

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