Julia + Dan | Elegant, Summer Wedding | The Treasury | Pontiac, MI

July 1, 2022

The champagne popped and the crowd cheered. Julia and Dan were married and the celebration had just begun! However, this was not a normal champagne pop, just like this was not a normal wedding. Instead of simply popping the cork off with his hands, Dan brandished the ceremonial saber he had given to his parents as a gift from his time in the military. This moment was a perfect example of Julia and Dan’s wedding: an elegant event full of love while also being sprinkled with hints of honor and respect for a military that is going to be a huge part of this couple’s new life together!

Juli and Dan had the perfect vision for their wedding day as a balance of their faith, Dan’s military background, and ultimately, their love for each other. The word “elegant” seems to fall short when describing Julia in her gorgeous dress, and once black and white accents were added throughout the day, it was all too easy to see how this day captivated her vision for their wedding day. And yet, at the same time, Dan’s service in the Army was perfectly represented from his dress uniform to the traditional “Welcome to the Army” in the form of the saber arch after the ceremony.

That element of a “perfect balance” continued throughout the day as their ceremony was held at a local church while the reception was hosted in the iconic Treasury Building in downtown Pontiac. Oak Arbor Church had one of the most unique sanctuaries we had ever seen with its floor to ceiling windows, and the grounds around the church provided the perfect contrast of beautiful nature to the elegant architecture of the Treasury. From the timeless design of the ceilings to the elegant vibe of the historic bank, the Treasury was the perfect location to end of their day with one of the largest dancing crowds we have seen at a wedding this year!

Julia and Dan, we still remember being blown away at your engagement shoot when you shared that you studied the blog so you would be ready to go, and after your wedding, that spirit of excellence truly defines your relationship. In a world that likes to cut corners and figure out the easiest way to do things, you two desire to do your best, and your best is exactly what marriage takes: not perfection, but just your best. After spending the last year with you two, we know that no matter what victories or trials come into your marriage, you two are going to face them with your best, and we can’t wait to see how you make this world a better place as husband and wife.

All our best!

J + A


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