Ellie + Todd | Beach Engagement Shoot | Warren Dunes State Park | New Buffalo, MI

June 23, 2023

Some tend to let life pass them by. Day in and day out, they go to work, just to turn around and come back home in an endless cycle of mundane days and weeks. But others break the mold. Others look at a boring life and immediately turn around and run as far and as fast as they can away from an “ordinary” life. Although it may seem scary, the same people who flee the mundane are the same people who dream and think of new, exciting ways to experience the world. And when two people who love experiencing the world meet each other and fall in love, the result is a fun-filled, all-in engagement session like our evening with Ellie and Todd.

A conversation about water photos had already arisen before the first picture was even taken, once again revealing how these two wanted to make the very most out of their trip down to Warren Dunes State Park. Although we’ll be the ones traveling later this year for their wedding in Midland, Ellie and Todd decided to have their engagement shoot at a place far from their hometown for something truly special. The dunes and waves of Warren Dunes were the perfect answer for their destination, and before we knew it, the evening was already concluding with sopping wet clothes but smiles on everyone’s faces.

Ellie + Todd, you truly embody the spirit of going the distance in order to get the most out of life. Your desire to go “all in” created moments we’ve never been able to capture until this night, which gets us even more excited for capturing more of those moments at your wedding in September! Keep saying “Yes” to the adventures that come your way; it not only makes like more enjoyable, but it also makes marriage a lot more exciting as well.


J + A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.

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