Charleston Styled Shoot | Simply Classic | Middleton Place | Charleston, SC

November 23, 2022

The timeless stone streets and Georgian architecture of Charleston, South Caroline draws visitors from all corners of the globe. On this specific afternoon, our travels took us slightly outside the Charleston city limits, through arches of Spanish moss and historic buildings before arriving at the iconic Middleton Place. The workshop team, along with the host, Arielle Peters, had crafted an afternoon that none of the attendees would soon forget.

If the manicured gardens and grounds of Middleton Place were “the frame,” then our bride could only be described as the “masterpiece.” A perfect marriage of classic and modern came together in every aspect, from her gorgeous Eva Lendel Gown to her delicately designed statement earrings by All About Romance. After spending time in the chair of the artist Allee Make Up, our bride picked up her bespoke bouquet from LB Floristry and rendezvoused with her groom, the afternoon’s festivities finally ready to commence.

One only needed a quick glance down the pebbled driveway of Middleton Place in order to capture a vivid sense of the iconic nature of this historic mansion. The house became a “character” in of itself as it perfectly shadowed the delicately styled reception space, expertly prepared by both LB Floristry and Sarah Lillie Designs. The simplistic, sleek nature of the black and white aesthetic seemed to draw one’s eyes towards the intricate details instead of disguise them. In a way, this subtle choice reminded us of a simple truth: sometimes the most beautiful things in life happen to be the most simple things as well.

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.

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