Alyssa and Zach | Engagement | Warren Dunes State Park | Sawyer, MI

October 13, 2021

As Alyssa and Zach hopped out of their car, we couldn’t help but smile as we remembered that just a few weeks earlier, we were hiding behind some sand dunes down in St. Joe, Michigan as Zach got down on one knee to propose to his soon-to-be fiance! Our evening with them in St. Joe was filled with not only a lot of laughter but also a lot of stories as Zach got to share all of his planning and preparation leading up to the day! (With the help of his amazing cousin, Elizabeth!) We left that evening with our hearts full, but the real excitement came a few days later when Alyssa and Zach contacted us about not only being their proposal photographers, but also their wedding photographers!

Alyssa and Zach’s engagement shoot ended the “trifecta” of Warren Dunes State Park engagement sessions for this year, and all we can say is that the more time we spend at this beach, the more beautiful locations we seem to find! Each and every outfit our couples have worn at the sand dunes have perfectly “popped” off of the background and we have a feeling that this beach will be getting more love from us and our couples coming up next year!

Alyssa and Zach, you two play off of each other so well that seeing you together in of itself just feels “right” to us. Alyssa’s passion and Zach’s laid back personality come together in a beautiful balance that we already love, and as you two grow closer together over the next year, we know that it’s just going to get better and better! We so rarely get to be with couple’s during their entire engagement process, but if we have to be honest, we are so grateful that you two get to be two of the “rare ones.” Your wedding can NOT come soon enough you two; can it already be 2022 right now?

J + A

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