Ally + Ian | Engagement | Holland, MI

August 3, 2022

As the sun slowly dipped over the hills, we finally had to say “goodbye” to Ally and Ian after spending a beautiful evening with them. After the goodbyes, we began putting our gear into the trunk of our car, only to hear Ally laugh in the distance as they walked away from us. We turned to see Ian giving to the love of his life a piggyback ride all the way back to their car, and in that moment, we saw what makes these two so special: they truly love the time they get to spend with each other and they seek to make the most out of it.


However, the piggyback ride wasn’t the only time during our evening that we got to see these two “enjoy the moment!” From talking about the restaurants they wanted to celebrate at after the session, to Ian almost running both of them into Lake Michigan, the fun that these two have together doesn’t just stop when the cameras stop taking pictures. Looking “cute” in front of a camera is not the easiest thing in the world to do, but by simply being themselves, Ally and Ian perfectly captured the “engagement shoot” vibe that so many couples look for when they are getting ready for their own engagement photos!

Ally and Ian, the fact that you two make the most out of each moment together gives us so much excitement for how your lives will look as not only fiancés, but also as husband and wife. This world sometimes makes it hard to truly live in the moment and simply enjoy life with your special someone, but you two make it look so easy and natural! We can’t wait to see you at your wedding, but until then, keep giving piggyback rides and enjoying the every moments. You two are already pros at both

All our best

J + A

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