Taylor + Jerrad | White Barn Wedding | Etre Farms | St. Joseph, MI

June 28, 2023

As their guests danced their hearts out, Taylor and Jerrad were surprisingly nowhere to be seen. Although this part of the evening is often reserved for brides and grooms to dance and party with their friends and family, the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Grinstead had sneaked away for a few moments for a very special occasion. Joined together on the outdoor patio was the entire staff of Etre farms for the evening, unsure of why they had been called together. Taylor and Jerrad emotionally shared how thankful they were for each and every one of the staff and their hard work for their wedding, revealing just a glimpse of how much others truly mean to these two.

After Taylor + Jerrad’s engagement shoot back in April, we were completely convinced that their wedding would be full of fun and romance. The intense love these two share when they come together is perfectly balanced by their fun-loving personalities. Throughout the entire day, both Taylor and Jerrad invested time into meeting, greeting, hugging, and laughing with each and every guest they saw, reinforcing their commitment to enjoy the day with not only themselves, but with everyone else as well! However, they still had time to squeeze in a few minutes for portraits, including a stunning dress change during golden hour with a vibe that rivaled most fashion magazines.

Although our first visit to Etre Farms was only a little over a year ago, this stunning venue has continued to grow, improve, and refine every aspect of their grounds for both their couples and their guests. Cigar patios and stone walkways now dot the landscape, allowing guests to explore each and every angle of the white barn. The Grand Ballroom flourished as beautiful arrangements designed by Etre’s own design team decorated each table, creating an almost “garden-like” aesthetic for the entire reception. The evening was concluded with a spectacular live drone performance which lit up the night sky with all the beauty of fireworks with none of the noise!

Taylor and Jerrad, your focus and attention on others is so rare in today’s day and age. In a world that tells us to only think about ourselves and what is best for us, you both spent your wedding day celebrating those around you, including each other. That selflessness is one of the greatest possible traits to bring into married life, and we are so thankful that we were allowed to see it first hand all throughout your beautiful wedding day. Let’s make sure that this isn’t goodbye, but “See you later!”

The Vendors

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.

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