Savannah + Collin | Elegant Winter​ Wedding | Shepherds​ Hollow Golf Club | Clarkston, MI

February 23, 2022

They say that opposites attract. We’ve all heard the stories about how two people come together; one is crazy while the other is quiet, one is adventurous while the other is a homebody. And in all honesty, that tends to be the norm; two people coming together who are very different from each other but who have found new joys and life in each other. But sometimes, in a rare moment of wonder, two people find each other who fit each other perfectly, simply because they are so much alike! This is the story of Savannah, Collin, and their wedding day, and it’s a story that we are thrilled we finally get to share!

From the first moment we saw these two in the morning, we couldn’t help but find ourselves smiling because of how much Savannah and Collin were smiling! So many friends and family came out to help prepare Shepherd’s Hollow for this special day, and we continually heard Savannah and Collin thanking people for being there and helping make their day so special. The preparations came and went and before we knew it, these two had said “I do” and the reception had begun! But there were also moments during the day where time almost seemed to stop. Speeches that brought the whole room to tears as friends and family perfectly showed their love for Savannah and Collin. Applause that erupted when the DJ announced the Collin’s grandparents had been married for 60+ years during the anniversary dance. Even the last moment as Savannah and Collin ran through all of their friends and family cheering them on as they raced out into the cool night air. These moments defined their wedding as simply a day where every life in that room had stopped to honor and celebrate the marriage of two amazing people!

The woods surrounding Shepherd’s Hollow created a natural curtain to the rest of the world, doing its best to deflect the winds that flowed across the grounds. In spite of being outside in temperatures that were literally below freezing, we found ourselves amazed at how joyful these two looked as we explored the grounds of Shepherd’s Hollow. The path up the final hill to the clubhouse revealed a stunning structure created with glass and metal, rising out of the forest. This ceremony site completed Savannah and Collin’s vision for the perfect winter wedding, where the snow looked like a painting outside while everyone stayed warm and cozy on the inside.

Savannah and Collin, we find ourselves thinking back to when you both had finished running through the bells, and you were out of the building and walking to your car, ready to drive off to your next adventure. In a way, it’s such a beautiful picture of how your friends and family have been around you and preparing you for this moment for your entire lives, and now, you both are ready to take on the world as the Steinhauers! We are beyond thrilled that we get to continue to follow you two in your journey through life!

All our best!

J + A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.

Savannah and Collin’s Dream Team

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