Megan + Josh | Intimate, Northern Wedding | The Depot | Alpena, MI

January 17, 2024

Looking over the edge revealed a deep chasm on either side of the couple as they walked along the path. They now walked where decades ago, ships would come from across Lake Huron to dock and make harbor. Now, the rocky remains of Rockport stood as a reminder of the past while still bringing beauty to the surrounding area. As Megan and Josh slowly walked along the dock’s worn stony pathway, it was almost as if their friends were able to watch a beautiful metaphor unfold before them, as if these two were walking out into a new life together.

As the sun rose on the coastal town of Alpena, Megan and Josh’s airbnbs were filled with the hustle and bustle of friends and family preparing for the day ahead. Although both Megan and Josh weren’t going to get to see each other until Megan walked down the aisle, that did not stop the couple from preparing gifts to remind each other of who would be waiting at the altar of the tiny Alpena church. September decided to bless the couple with a stunningly temperate day, which made their trip out to Rockport for their bridal portraits that much more worth it. After spending time laughing and celebrating during their bridal party portraits, the four of us adventured out onto the popular Rockport stone docks for some of the most unique bridal portraits we’ve captured this year.

The celebration waited patiently for Megan and Josh’s return, and once these two entered into the dining hall of the Depot, the party did not stop for the rest of the evening. Megan had shared with us that “golden hour” portraits was high on her list of priorities, and thankfully, the sun stayed high in the sky long enough for the newest Mr. and Mrs. Miller to enjoy their reception and spend some quality time together as we traveled to downtown Alpena for their final portraits. With their first dances ready to welcome them back, Megan and Josh were ready to light up the dance floor as the evening celebration truly began.

Megan and Josh, our adventure with you that began back in January of 2023 has now come to a close, and although we are sad to see this journey end, the fact that you two are now married makes it all worth it! We always say that there is no such thing as coincidences, and the fact that we found each other through our photography mentors is no exception! Although we are on opposite sides of the state, let’s make sure to not let that keep us from seeing each other again.

All our best!

J + A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.


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