Jayden + Nic | Engagement | Chalmers Street |Charleston, South Carolina

June 1, 2022

Meeting new people is an art form in and of itself. Obviously one starts with “Hello,” but then the flow of conversation could instantly take a thousand different turns. Do you talk about who you are, or do you ask them questions about themselves? You wonder, “Am I overthinking this?” only to realize that you are overthinking about overthinking. However, there are those few people that you meet who magically feel like good friends from the first moment you say “Hello,” and we would love to introduce you to two of them right now!

Jayden and Nic were part of a photography workshop we attended down in Charleston this past May, and when we say that they were a highlight of the trip, we feel like we are under exaggerating. Jayden is a professional model who is simply natural at living and loving life, and Nic is her plus one who should seriously consider joining Jayden as a model himself! Because of the dynamics of the workshop, we were only able to spend a few moments with them throughout the evening, but the joy that these two effortlessly displayed made it truly difficult for us to stop taking photos when our session ended. Our biggest regret of meeting Jayden and Nic is the fact that we are quite disappointed that these two live in South Carolina instead of Michigan, because we are pretty sure we would have been inviting them out to dinner and coffee after the shoot if we lived in the same town!

Jayden and Nic, to say that you two are a dream is simply not sufficient enough to describe how joyful and fun you two are. Jayden, the way you helped Nic be a success during the session was so sweet. And Nic, your support of Jayden by even agreeing to be a part of this in the first place truly is such a beautiful picture of standing alongside her and supporting her dreams and goals. We can’t say enough good things about you, so we’ll just leave it at “Let’s get coffee next time we are in town!”

All our best!

J + A


All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.


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