Cole | Senior Session | Lamborghini & Porsche Sports Cars

March 16, 2022

So you probably weren’t expecting this blog coming from wedding and portrait photographers…but here we are! Life has a funny way of bringing opportunities into your life when you don’t even realize what the opportunity is yet. Sometimes, you have to take a step of faith in order to find out what is in the end of a path. In a way, that’s kind of what Senior year is all about: trying to find the next path to start down after high school! That’s probably one reason why we love Senior sessions so much; our seniors are literally at the trail head, about to start down their new path. There is so much potential in each and every one of them, and for the rest of the month of March, we are highlighting just a few of our 2022 Seniors!

Cole’s mom originally reached out for his senior session by simply sharing that “Cole would really like to take his photos with a couple of nice cars.” And if we are 100% honest, we really didn’t think much of it. Most of our seniors have special items that describe them and what. they enjoy, and it would certainly not be the first time that we have then senior pictures with cars. But as we drove up to our location and the Porsche and Lamborghini came into view, to say the Josh’s knees started to get a little weak is a huge understatement! However, after spending only 5-10 minutes with Cole, we quickly realized that the special part of this session was not the cars, but it was the senior driving them. Cole absolutely loves life, and his energy the entire evening perfectly bounced from “James Bond in training” to “Fun-loving surfer dude.” We couldn’t help but realize that it is this balance that makes Cole such an awesome senior and we know that anywhere he goes, he going bring both the fun and the class with him!

Cole, spending the evening with you gave us so much hope for the generation coming up in school right now. We hear so many people in our world right now who talk down about students, but when we meet people like you, we simply smile and think “This world is going to be just fine.” Make sure to keep that awesome balance of fun and style with you as you head out of high school and into the world! Oh, and Josh wants to personally thank you for helping him have one of the coolest and most memorable photoshoots of his life!

All our best!

J + A

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