Chelsea + Allen | Exquisite Church Wedding | Midland Country Club | Midland, MI

October 5, 2022

“You complete me.” Along with being considered an iconic movie line, this phrase is used to convey so much more than mushy feelings. It’s a statement of need, it’s a confession of vulnerability. When we say that someone completes us, we are saying “There are things about me that can be made better…and I think you are the one who can do that.” Throughout the entire day, we continually heard the same sentiment over and over again: “Chelsea and Allen truly bring out the best in each other.” We couldn’t agree more!

Although we have known Allen’s family for the past year and a half, the last six months have been all about getting to know this beautiful couple. From our first zoom meeting with Chelsea and Allen to their “once in a lifetime” airport runway engagement session, we kept finding ourselves imagining how perfect their wedding was going to be; and lo and behold, when the day finally arrived, even our expectations were completely blown away! The beautiful chapel paled in comparison to how stunning Chelsea looked as she walked down the aisle, and saw the love of her life standing at the altar. However, we quickly learned that the beauty had just begun as Chelsea and Allen’s entire day continued to blow us away.

From the first moments of driving through the streets of Midland to stepping onto the grounds of the Midland Country Club, the beauty of this little “slice of heaven” in the middle of Michigan rushed back to us as a reminder of the time we spent there last year. This town is simply perfect for weddings, with the beautiful church within just a few miles of the country club and more places to take portraits than one could ever have time for. Combine this beautiful venue with a truly incredible couple like Chelsea and Allen and you have a weekend that was truly one of the highlights of our year!

Chelsea and Allen, we still think back to when we first got your message about your wedding dates and how we celebrated when we found out we could spend the day with you two! The ways you both look out for each other and encourage each other in who you are as people is a challenge to those around you, and as you begin this life together, we know that your marriage is going to grow both of you into even better versions of yourselves. Watching this transformation is one of the greatest joys we have as photographers and we are so excited to see that happen for you two in the years to come!

All our best!

J + A

The Vendors

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.


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