Ashley + Brett | Classy, Lakeside Wedding | Watermark Solarium | St. Joseph MI

October 21, 2022

Sand whipped across the streets, creating an almost “other-worldly” scene as the two figures walked out towards the water. After going on adventure after adventure together for what felt like years, this was the day that they were embarking on their greatest adventure yet. Although the wind tossed and howled, all Ashley needed was to lean in close to this man that she now called husband, and in a moment, all of the cold was forgotten as they strolled out onto the beach. They knew full well that a fantastic party was waiting for them back at their venue, so they couldn’t spend too much time; but just for this moment, it was only about Ashley and Brett, and they were now ready to take on the world!

Even though we’ve only known Ashley and Brett since January of this year, spending time with them is always a huge highlight for us. From the first moments of seeing them to the last goodbyes, these two go out of their way to make people around them feel loved and accepted, which only made their wedding day that more special. Every detail was meticulously planned so that not only Ashley and Brett, but also the rest of their friends and family would have a truly incredible time celebrating their wedding day, and by the time we left, we felt more like family than just two people taking pictures at a wedding!

The cool, crisp autumn air seemed to know that Ashley and Brett were getting married this past weekend, because although a mid-October wedding in Michigan is a recipe for umcomfortable weather conditions, this bright, cloudless day brought just enough sun to help the day feel like it was still holding onto the last days of summer specifically for the bride and groom! Thankfully, Ashley and Brett had already thought ahead and planned for either warm or cold situations, which lead them to choosing a familiar venue off of the coast of Lake Michigan. Watermark Solarium is one of the “hidden gems” of Southwest Michigan, complete with beautiful outdoor areas and warm indoor spaces for Ashley and Brett’s guests to enjoy, no matter how the weather tried to affect their big day!

Ashley and Brett, from the evening we spent with you in Chicago to our adventures on the shores of Lake Michigan, you both have been simply a joy to know. Even though you both have different personalities, you come together in such a perfect way that the phrase “a match made in heaven” still seems to fall short when describing how perfect you two are for each other. We are so excited to follow along with your travels and adventures in the days, weeks, months, and years to come; because now that you are husband and wife, the real adventure is just getting started!

All our best!

J + A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.

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