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February 8, 2023

As the wedding season quickly approaches, we are currently hard at work refining our best “tools” to help encourage, support, and empower our J +A couples to achieve the absolute best results for their wedding day planning. The following is an excerpt from a key part of the beginning of the day and one of Andrea’s personal favorites: The Invitation Suite. Feel free to take the next 5 minutes or so, and glean some helpful advice for how to create a truly unique and awe-inspiring invitation suite for your friends and family!

Your invitation suite is one of the main elements we photograph during the “details” portion of the d”ay. These special cards are what you used to bring together everyone you love for this special day…and we want to document that! We love using all the different elements to also showcase your rings, jewelry, and shoes in a fun, elegant way for you to look back on and remember all your wedding details. Here are just a few ideas we encourage you to consider to take your invitation suites to new heights:

  • Have more than one card. Multiple elements add to the elegance of your suite. Think about having not just the main invitation but also an RSVP card, Details card, main envelope, and RSVP envelope. Our brides never regret having these various elements photographed on their wedding day to not only remember the day, but to also use during the creation of their wedding album!
  • Even the envelope makes a statement! Adding an envelope liner to your invitation suite can add a signature touch while also intentionally incorporating some of the unique aesthetic and colors of your wedding day.
  • It’s ok to give us extra! If your suite has double-sided cards, feel free to give your photographers two cards to use in one photo. You can also give us a “bundled suite” in addition to all the separate cards. (For example: if your suite arrives to your guest wrapped in vellum, ribbon, and a wax seal, then give us an unopened set of these elements in addition to one that is opened with all the individual cards, envelopes, seals, stamps, and etc.)
  • Ask your florist for spare florals. Nothing showcases your wedding colors better than your florals. Andrea loves using spare florals to tie in your details and invitation suite to the rest of your wedding day!
  • Do you want an elegant invite suite, but don’t necessarily want to mail out everything included to every invitee? Some of our brides have an invite suite just for photos! It includes everything from the lined envelope to the spare wax seals. Some stationary artists will even offer you a “photographer suite” when you order your invites!

Invitation Suite Designers

Pretty Petal Papers

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Stephanie Abbitt

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