Emily | Senior Session | Packard Beach | South Haven, Michigan

March 23, 2022

You never know where life is going to take you. We live in a world where just a few hundred years ago, people would spend their entire lives only traveling 30-40 miles away from where they were born. But today, a short drive can take you to brand new places you have never seen or been before! Although many of our seniors are local to Southwest Michigan, we are so fortunate every year to spend a few of our senior evenings with visitors from out of state; and when that senior is someone like Emily, it really can’t get any better!

We absolutely loved Emily’s story of how she and her mom decided to have her Senior photos in South Haven: “We saw someone getting their senior photos taken and thought, ‘Hey! We should do that while we are in town for vacation!'” Fast forward a few days later and the four of us were meeting each other in South Haven for an evening full of photos and fun! Emily took our senior style guide to the next level with her perfect array of outfits that made one photoshoot look like four, all in one evening! By the time the evening was over, we found ourselves rushing home after we peeked at the photos so we could get to work on her portraits as soon as possible!

Emily, to say that you were an absolute joy to hang out with is a huge understatement! From the first moment we met you, your smile perfectly matched your joyful spirit, to the point that we kept thinking, “She MUST do photo shoots like this all the time, she looks so natural!” We are so thankful that you all trusted us with your senior year memories, and we are even more thankful that you and your mom took a leap of faith with photographers you connected with on vacation! It’s such a fun story and we are so glad that we got to be a part of it! Happy Senior Year, Emily!

All our best! J + A


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