Black River Barn Bridal Soiree in South Haven, Michigan

February 19, 2020

If you have driven on 73rd street in South Haven within the last year, then you are no stranger to the beautiful, barn-style building that has been raised right next to the interstate. The Black River Barn Wedding Venue is about to start its first year of business and they are already filling up their weekends with both weddings and other special events for 2020! Their 2021 pricing has just been released and just a few weeks ago, Black River Barn opened their doors to couples who were both already booked and couples who are interested in booking at their gorgeous venue! We were super honored to be a part of their Bridal Soiree as we got to not only meet some awesome potential clients but also got to snap some photos of the other vendors and their gorgeous (and delicious!) work! But don’t take our word for it, let us show you instead!

Black River Barn

Black River Barn was the breath-taking backdrop for this whole event, where each vendor was able to come and show off how they could make this space absolutely perfect for your wedding day! This exquisite venue is simply a must see. Three large chandeliers dazzle the entire space and large windows make a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony space. Our favorite room (if it were even possible to pick a favorite) would have to be the bridal suite, which is by far the “pièce de ré·sis·tance” of the whole building! If you find yourself near South Haven, you’ll have to see it for yourself and meet the amazing owners, the brother-sister combo, James and Nicole.

White Dahlia

White Dahlia Events were the expert planners and coordinators working behind the scenes to help this amazing vendor event succeed! This wedding coordinating team does everything from expertly coordinating your special day, designing decorations, renting elegant furniture, helping you find vendors, and much more! White Dahlia is the team you need to help you feel at ease and stress-free on your wedding day. They truly desire to help you feel “present” on your wedding day, which is something we know every couple wants! Kelsey, Jessica, and the rest of their team are a delight to work with and we definitely think you will agree with us!

Sugarfield Flowers

Kris and Mike are a husband-wife team who excel at their stunning floral business! We had so much fun chatting with them as another spouse team doing business together. It was fun to learn how sometimes even their kids get to help out with the business! Kris has an incredible talent for creating her beautiful arrangements – everything from the gorgeous greenery archway for the ceremony, to the beautiful centerpieces, to the lovely wedding bouquet displayed in the bridal suite.

Martha’s Catering

Much to Josh’s pain and suffering, our photography station was placed right next to Martha’s Catering, which meant that we were forced to smell the delicious aroma float over the entire afternoon! Finally, we just couldn’t take it anymore and walked over to meet with the staff and to find out what smelled so good! We are pleased to announce that the food tasted even BETTER than it smelled as the Martha’s Catering Staff easily explained each dish and what made it unique.

Distinctive Catering

The team at Distinctive Catering did a phenomenal job of covering not only another portion of the food samples, but also serving some their best options for speciality drinks! Their food displays covered a wide range of styles, showing how they could match their options with any kind of themed event, including weddings! Josh loved the variety of their hors d’oeuvres, especially when considering options for times like “cocktail hour.” Everyone was raving over their drinks, which they served at BRB’s spacious bar area! Since we personally prefer to stick to coffee and hot chocolate, we can’t really give you our “first-hand” opinion; but we only heard the best, so make sure to give them a try!

JellieFish Productions 

Shawn and Nate brought the “tunes” for the Soiree and had all of the newest, most popular “dance hits” playing while the guests experienced the venue. We were especially impressed on how these two DJs knew the perfect volume for the music so that it filled the room but didn’t overwhelm the attendees. But, we know what all of you are really wondering…”Jellie? That’s not how you spell that!” Well, you are kind of right…but you should still ask Shawn when you see him. It’s a really good story! Our one main regret…not getting a picture with them! How did that happen?!?

Soulards Bakery

Soulards is actually another husband and wife duo team! Andrea had fun meeting Taylor and Matt and learning about how they began their baking adventure together. When you meet them, please ask them about the meaning behind their bakery name! (Hint: it may involve a famous family chef) And did we mention the AMAZING maple bacon donut with hot honey?! It was to die for! Andrea shared one bite with Josh…and then he was told to get his own.

Alpine Events

This event company brought in the beautiful china, crystal goblets, table service, stylish furniture, and stunning farm-style head tables. We enjoyed visiting with Emily, the director of the events and marketing, as she was able to share with us her personal passion for the business and all about Alpine and their rental services. As she described to us exactly how many options Alpine has for events, we were already thinking of some of our upcoming weddings and how these rentals could easily enhance the overall atmosphere and feel of the day! Check them out as they offer SO many things!

Even with a snowstorm blowing in, group after group came through Black River Barn’s doors, displaying how excited people already are for this venue to open its doors for business! Oh, and by the way, there was ONE more vendor at the Soiree… Josh and Andrea Photography. They are this husband and wife photography team and frankly… they loved getting to simply enjoy the event, meeting and celebrating with engaged couples, and capturing the excitement of the day!

If you are interested in Black River Barn as your event venue, then you should check out not only this incredible venue, but also all of these amazing vendors! They will truly serve their clients well and make sure that your perfect day is just that…perfect.

Photos are the property of Josh and Andrea Photography, LLC

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